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#1 Fastest - Direct Into Your Customer's Phones - Google + Apple Wallet + FreeChat.

Your Brand Everywhere.

Simple QR Code To Sign-up New Customers + Redeem Rewards.

Your High Value Data To Sell More.

What We Do - So You Sell More.

NOT Having A Digital Loyalty Program With FreeChat Costs Your Business -Lost Profits.

Digital LOYALTY deliver ...

  • Increase customer loyalty - retain more customers.

  • Increase customer frequency - customers buy more often and bring their friends,

  • Acquire more new customers,

  • Reduce marketing expenses - free chat your offers on their phone screens wherever they are, whenever it suits to send.

  • Improves your business brand perception,

  • Identifies your customers (email and phone) and segment them to improve your overall performance.

  • Increased customer lifetime value of your business,

  • Increased deeper data insights and continuous improvement steps from the data,

No Time? Only 1-2 Hours a Month To Sell More.

  • It is simple and fast to implement and use,

  • Customers love it because your custom-branded loyalty card is immediately inside their Apple and Google (Android) smartphones -all the time,

  • There are no expensive apps to build- just a low monthly high ROI subscription.

  • Your Business captures the most valuable digital asset: customer identity. Capture their email address, name and phone number—your first-party data.

  • Customers instantly scan your stand-alone QR code in-store or online to subscribe and redeem points - no need to connect to your P.O.S.

Case Studies | What is Possible Now.

NAILMAKER BAR: Doubled Their Customer Retention from Four FreeChats Monthly.

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